CHP Wants To Hear from Orcutt

 From traffic concerns to car seat inspections, California Highway Patrol officer Efrem Moore’s mission is to keep the community safe and informed.

In June, Moore became the CHP’s first full-time public information officer for the Santa Maria area. Over the past 18 years, he has worked as a dispatcher, commercial officer, vehicle theft investigator, car seat technician and California Motorcycle Safety Program associate.

“I have a wide range of knowledge of the CHP and what we do,” he explained.

Orcutt falls under Moore’s jurisdiction,   where the CHP have a large presence with officers patrolling, issuing citations and responding to accidents.

“Orcutt is our responsibility. We are out there as much as possible,” he said.

The heavy traffic and high speeds on Union Valley Parkway is one issue the CHP have recognized and tried to rectify in recent years.

“We have heard complaints and witnessed numerous accidents at that location,” Moore said.

As a result, the CHP sent information to Caltrans to work on a solution. Last year, the southbound Highway 101 off-ramp only allowed drivers to turn left from the left lane and right via the right lane. Drivers can now also go straight and right by using the left lane, which has helped alleviate traffic problems, according to Moore.

He encourages Orcutt residents to report traffic concerns and reach out to learn more about safe driving habits. Moore also offers presentations to businesses to provide employees with tools to get through an active shooter situation.

“We just want to be here for the public,” he said. “To hear their concerns and take action on them.”

To share concerns or schedule an informational session, call the Santa Maria CHP office at 349-8728.

Jamie Guista reporting