Dog Napper Nabbed at Dog Park

A woman who allegedly attempted to kidnap a dog in Orcutt was arrested on Oct. 19. 

Joni Fullwood, 52, was taken into custody for public intoxication and a complaint was then forwarded to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office for petty theft, according to Kelly Hoover, public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office. The complaint was filed after it was reported that she tried to steal a dog from the off-leash area at Orcutt Community Park. 

The dog’s owner, who was not named, warned others via social media about the Bradley Road incident.

“I am very vigilant — I turned away for only a moment (then) turned back and I saw her leaving with my dog,” she wrote. “She had made it out of the dog park area holding him in her arms.”

She continued by explaining how her friend was able to stop Fullwood before she reached the parking lot, but it then took some time to convince her to release the dog. 

“I retrieved him but at that point she began screaming obscenities and physical threats at me,” she added. “The dognapper went into a panic, grabbed the two dogs she had (leaving their leashes and her shirt behind), and ran to her van.”

The event sparked concern across the Central Coast causing many to speculate about Fullwood’s possible connection to some missing animal cases. However, Hoover said there have been no additional claims of animal theft against her.

Jamie Guista reporting