Harley Rider Dives into Vineyard on Country Hill Road

This article was submitted by Dr. Fred Carbone whose been asked a million times what happened to the fence outside his home and vineyard on Country Hill Road.  Hopefully this will clear the story up…

 Apparently there’ a bit of a BUZZ going around our little town about why there is a huge gaping hole in the wrought iron fencing around my vineyard on Country Hill Road. I’e heard the story is being told everywhere from the barber shops to the bistros, the wine bars to the baseball diamonds. Since it is such an interesting story, I thought I had better set the record straight.

 My neighbor Frank was fortunate enough to win a brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycle in a raffle. He wasn’ interested in owning one but his brother-in-law, Sam, said, “’e always wanted to ride so I’l buy it from you!”While Sam was test driving it around our neighborhood, and I’ not exactly sure what happened, even the witnesses disagree a bit on the story.  But I’ guessing he “hiskey throttled”it and launched the bike up the cement driveway and into the fence. I’ also not sure if he was still aboard when the motorcycle crashed into the fencing but it bent and broke a portion of the wrought iron fence clean off, continued down the hill ripping out one of my bushes and came to rest on the bottom of the drainage basin. Fortunately, Sam was wearing a helmet and leathers.

 And yes, Sam is OK. Suffered a bit of a concussion and doesn’ remember the 4 hours prior to the accident but otherwise he’ fine. But he is now the proud owner of a bent and broken Harley Davidson with 11 miles on the odometer!

 As an aside, I took the piece of the fencing that came off and made it into a sculpture by my willow tree. My wife thinks it looks like a mosquito from the kitchen window, but I think when you look at it from the right angle you get the impression of a Harley tearing down the highway at cruising speed. I’ calling it “ent By a Harley”  I’ going to give the sculpture to a friend whose fiancé recently died in a motorcycle accident.

Feel free to stop by sometime and tell me what you think. I’ exercising my creative side this year and I think this is my best work to date.
Fred Carbone, DC