Santa Maria Public Airport Board of Directors

The Airport District board of Directors manages the Santa Maria Public Airport and the surrounding grounds.  Currently there are five members who sit on the board, and there is one seat open for a short (2 year) term.  There are two candidates for this seat.

Candidates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

Jim Bray

Public Relations Professional

In July, I retired from the oil and gas industry after 42 years of service, 24 years here in Santa Maria.  I am also a retired Army Lt. Colonel, with 28 years active and reserve service.  I wanted to pursue a new focus for my energy, enthusiasm and love of our community on something in which I care a great deal -- our Santa Maria Airport.

With one of the largest land area airport districts in the state, I believe there is a great potential to serve this community through growing airport businesses, expanding airport facilities for the future, and promoting the district for development opportunities to attract local high paying jobs.  We do this by branding SMX as not only the destination choice for north Santa Barbara County for both commercial and general aviation, but also pursuing ways to grow the economic potential for the airport.  

The tremendous success of the recent Central Coast Airfest shows not only the interest in, but the great potential for the Santa Maria Airport.  

Please check my website at for information on my background and why I am running for the board.  I would appreciate your vote on November 6th.

Steven M Brown

Appointed Incumbent

I was five when I rode in my father’s airplane for the first time. I remember the feeling I had as he took off and we left the runway, from that day I has hooked; I absolutely love to fly. It is that passion that led me to flight school in 1976. Since, I have piloted all over America and consider Santa Maria Airport my home.

As a local business owner who has served the Central Coast for over 30 years; I’m invested in my community and my airport. It is the culmination of these things that has led me to begin this journey on the board. I feel strongly that my knowledge, skills, and abilities will allow me to excel in this position.

A paramount role of any organization is to connect with the community you serve. This simple philosophy has served me well in business and has helped me provide the highest level of service to the Central Coast. My desire to maintain this position comes from wanting to give back to the community that has given so much to me.

I believe an important issue facing the district is getting another commercial carrier to serve our community.