Orcutt Library Hosting Book Signing with Local Children's Book Authors

Orcutt is the home of two talented authors, Farah Shaw and Tracy Murdock.  Farah and Tracy are teachers and young mothers, who live with their families in Orcutt, and enjoy sharing their creativity and enthusiasm.  Both would love to visit schools and libraries to share their insights into writing.

On Dec. 15th they have been invited to the Orcutt Library from 11am to 1pm to meet children and their families and to sign their books which will be available for purchase and signing.   With Christmas approaching, signed books will be gift-wrapped upon request.   Tracy and Farah are familiar with the Orcutt Library since they and their children attend Mouse Tales Story Time weekly.   

Tracy Murdock        

Tracy has written and illustrated a delightful book, Zoe in Double Trouble, for 2 to 7 year old children. The story chronicles the challenges confronting a beloved family pet, Zoe, when twin daughters, Hailey and Matilda, are born.   The book has earned good reviews with many positive comments, e.g. “..a delightful children’s story and activity book” and “..a sweet story with social emotional learning.”

Farah Shaw         

Farah has written a fantasy, The Magical Flight of Dodie Rue, as well as, a well-received mystery series called Sherlock Academy with three books currently published and a fourth and final book to be released next year.  The Sherlock Academy series appeal to readers in Grades 3 to 6 and are inspired by the careful, logical forensic approach of Sherlock Holmes, rather than the magic of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The Sherlock Academy books are well written and, have also received many positive reviews e.g. “I found this to be quite a charming, fun read.”; “Everything about this book is delightful.”  

Although consumed by the many demands of motherhood, both authors are inspired to constantly jot down ideas and then, when time (and children) allow, develop characters, a plot and, eventually, a complete story.  Tracy accomplished her goal to publish the twin’s and Zoe’s story by the girls’ fifth birthday.  

Their creativity goes beyond being authors.   Farah has a blog, www.writerfcshaw.com which includes a called Project: Creative Living featuring interviews of others living creative lives.  Check out Instagram.  @authorfcshaw.  

Follow Tracy on www.yourtwinmom.com and @yourtwinmom on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Farah’s and Tracy’s love of life and writing is contagious and inspiring to aspiring authors.  Orcutt should be very proud to be home to such gifted and successful artists.

Please meet them at the Library on Dec. 15th.

submitted by Diane Handlos