Orcutt's Tupperware Lady, Wendy Knapp, Featured in Nationwide Catalog

For the last seventy years, kitchen cupboards all across the country have had one thing in common: Tupperware. Maybe you grew up drinking from Bell Tumblers. Maybe you received a set of Wonderlier bowls as a wedding gift. Maybe you yearned for the Play Date Party Set. Whatever the piece, Tupperware supplied the containers for our domestic hopes and dreams. And who delivered this homemaking staple? The local Tupperware lady, of course.

Tupperware consultants in Orcutt have come and gone, but Wendy Knapp has stayed the course for 34 years and was recently featured in Tupperware’s fundraising brochure.

“What I love most about my Tupperware career of 34 years is helping and meeting new people,” Knapp wrote. “I’m so proud of what I do and the ability to sell a product that has been endeared and admired by millions for 70 years.”

With four children and four grandchildren, Knapp values the freedom and flexibility her career affords as well as the opportunity to give back to local schools, clubs, and organizations in the form of fundraisers. She hosts parties and fundraisers from Carpinteria to Paso Robles, has an eleven representative team, and attends several local car shows and holiday bazaars each year.

“I always say that if you’re going to be a sales person you have to love the product and I love the product,” says Knapp. She is able to rattle off specials, shipping information, and extensive product details at the drop of a hat, a talent her customers undoubtedly appreciate.

“Tupperware is an all-around great company to work for,” says Knapp. “It’s the best job in the world. It’s changed my whole life.”

While the perks don’t hurt (incentive trips to Hawaii, the free car program, trainings in Myrtle Beach), it’s being part of a family that motivates her. “Some of my best friends are Tupperware people!” she happily proclaims.

To become part of Wendy Knapp痴 Tupperware family, visit www.my.tupperware/com/wendyknapp and sign up for her monthly newsletter full of goodies.

Rebecca Ross reporting