Lanscape Art in Old Orcutt Gets a Colorful Upgrade

Several years ago, Danny George, Orcutt’s local landscape contractor, created a collage of 21 white window frames and shutters along the fence at the corner of Clark Avenue and Gray Street in Old Town Orcutt.  A short time later, he added the whimsical “Bird House Condominium” to the artwork.

Danny recently met Lynnae Lynne, an artist and children's art teacher, and they decided to paint the white frames with a warm 5-color palette, and plant lantanas and grasses around the corner display. They added a painted red wagon on a flagstone from the Rock Depot of Alamos with stepping stones leading up to the wagon.  The new color scheme was expanded to include the eclectic artistic wall of the Old Town Market across the street.  Danny and Lynnae said, "This is a gift we were inspired to give from our creative hands to our sweet town, for all to enjoy for many years."  

Family and friends gathered in early September for a ribbon cutting to celebrate "phase 2 installation" as the two affectionately call the focal point of Clark Avenue in Old Town Orcutt.

Lynnae Lynne and Danny George celebrate at the ribbon cutting for their landscape art in Old Orcutt.